Our Fleet


Top Aces flies a variety of mission profiles in all-weather conditions. Our modern aggressor aircraft offer air combat training at a fraction of the cost of using military assets. Our future fleet of F-16 aggressors will be equipped with advanced radar, Helmet Mounted Cueing System, and modern Electronic Attack capabilities to challenge the highly-advanced capabilities of 5th generation aircraft as highly-representative threats.

Dornier Alpha Jet

The Top Aces Dornier Alpha Jet aircraft combine high performance, fuel endurance, reliability and modern avionics to be a superb platform for all mission profiles. The aircraft have undergone an impressive upgrade program that includes state-of-the-art Multi-Function Displays, Avionics, Flight Management System, IFR, Tactical Air Navigation System, Martin Baker ejection seats and a Dassault Canopy Escape System...

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

The Douglas A-4N Skyhawk aircraft is a proven and trusted platform for all mission profiles. The A-4N variant was upgraded extensively in-service. The single and dual-seat Skyhawks have been upgraded by Top Aces and have modernized IFR, Tactical Air Navigation System, and ESCAPAC ejection seats for maximum operational flexibility and aircrew safety.

Bombardier Learjet 35A

The Learjet Model 35 is a multi-role business jets and military transport aircraft manufactured by Bombardier and approved for VFR, IFR, day, night and icing conditions. The engines are mounted in nacelles on the sides of the aft fuselage. The wings are equipped with single-slotted flaps. The wingtip fuel tanks distinguish the design from other aircraft having similar functions. 

Lockheed Martin F-16A (Future Fleet)

As part of its future fleet, Top Aces intends to introduce the F16 which is considered by many to be the most agile fighter aircraft of its generation.  Its superior speed, acceleration, maneuverability, small visual and radar signature, and ability to integrate advanced sensors and threat systems have made it the aircraft of choice for the USAF and USN Aggressor fleets since 1988.